Published Record

Filling Gaps in the Published Record

The SAIM Project aims to supplement the scholarly and historic collections of the Yale University Library by filling key gaps in books and other archival materials collections related to the independence movement.

Rare Gems List:

The Yale University Library seeks these 100 rare titles to broaden its collection of published works and histories of the South Asian Independence Movement. This prioritized list of key teaching and research resources will be invaluable to our future researchers- our faculty, students, and welcome patrons of the Library. These titles have been decided upon through the aid of external advisors and the Yale SAIM committee.

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Core SAIM List:

These titles are more commonly held and more recently published, but they have not as yet found their way into our collection. Although they are not our “rare gems,” they are, in a sense, critical to our collection. Beyond the works on this list, we also welcome your recommendations. 

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For more information, contact Richard Richie.